A True Interracial Swinger Story

A True Interracial Swinger Story

I’m 35 and my wife 27. Recently I was excited about starting wives swinger life.

Here’s what happened last weekend.

My wife thinks that the atmosphere is similar to Nishio Ana of NTV.

I mean Nan, but it’s slender and beautiful

A couple who met at a hot spring two weeks ago. Let’s say, Mr Howard.

Mr Howard is a 38-year-old white man, a normal-sized office worker with a refreshing impression.

His wife is 36 years old, slender and somewhat baby-faced, full-time housewife and M woman.

On Saturday evening, we invited Mrs and Mr Howard to our house and started BBQ in the garden.

We don’t have any children with each other, and we both have room in our house, so we’ll be staying from the beginning.

It’s not just a plan for each other’s naughty things, but sake also entered, and it got excited about the story below

Howard and his wife take a shower while we clean up.

By the time we got up from the shower, all four were dressed in hot pants and T-shirts in the living room, but I took the plunge

“My wife has some sexy lingerie so she will change clothes.”

Say Howard,

“We are!”

The wives seemed somewhat embarrassing, but we were on the second floor, and Howard changed into a Japanese-style room on the first floor and went to the living room.

My wife is see-through, blue string P, also with camo, dick and nipples are transparent. Dick is shaved. I’m also a purple T.

Mr Howard is a top and bottom pink see-through string P and a front open cami. The nipple is completely exposed. The master is also a black T.

The second party started in the living room in this state

Regardless of the wives, it turns out that the masters had the same expectation, and it felt utterly open .

At first, it was a light lingerie show, and a photo session with my wives arranged on the table, but my husband Howard put out Ichimotsu and Ona were in front of my wife. I also put out that and Ona in front of his wife.

What surprised me was that my wife sat on the sofa, took off, spread her pussy with her M leg open in front of her husband, and said, “Look.”

The wife has already entered Ona, touched my arrangement, and P is wet with stains.

I put my wife naked and put that in my mouth. While rubbing your wife’s small bust, finish unconsciously!

The wife slowly swallowed my semen, and I put my finger in the dick hidden in his thin pubic hair and stirred.

His wife crawls on all fours, invites my finger to be anal, and slowly inserts his finger into his wife’s anal.

His wife sat on the floor and was jerks.

Suddenly, when I looked at my wife, my wife and my husband were already naked and joined together on a sofa.

My wife shouts, “Ah,” as if to kill her voice. Even my husband, my wife’s gasping voice makes her hard. I immediately took a picture of my wife and my husband with the camera.

When he noticed, his wife shook his waist violently up and down, discharging a white liquid on his wife’s abdomen at the same time as his husband saying “Oh.”

For a while, I was in the living room casually with four people, but my wife wants me to blame the anal, so my husband’s recommendation is my first experience with anal.

Paint the jelly prepared by your husband and piston with your wife’s anal!

My husband and wife are sitting on the floor next to each other, touching each other’s stuff and dick with one hand and watching me and his wife’s anal sex. My wife’s dubious look was more than she had ever seen.

After the second ejaculation on his wife’s anal, the wife is delighted.

The wife stirs her pussy, twists her body, and puts her husband in his mouth, and this time his husband is in his wife’s mouth. A white sticky thing spilt out of my wife’s mouth. read more

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