A must make watchable kids movie “Mighty Raju”. Know about the movie before watching on Aha movies.


The OTT platforms got fame in these days, as the theatres closed due to COVID 19 lockdown. It’s providing lots of movies to watch online. They are also facilitating to watch cartoon movies online. The aha ott platform is different from other OTTs.

It came with exclusive Telugu movies to watch online. It included more number of popular movies and masterpieces of Telugu. They serve children to watch cartoon movies online. Many animated mythological masterpieces like the ChhotaBheem series and Mighty Raju series available at Aha Movies. Both series are must watchable to the kids.


Children can listen to the good things while they taught with the way of entertaining mode only. They need to know the good and bad, ethics and moralities and the importance of moral values like friendship, unity, self-confidence, etc. These elements include animated movies, which usually comes in the genres of mythological, social, adventurous, action, comic, etc.

To taught some needy things to the children, the parents should show animated films to their children. These films can refresh the children from the stress of education and teach them needy things, which helps to strengthen their characterization.

Characters: Raju, Gopi, Julie, Sandhya, Swami, Moby, Cheeky, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka and Binayak Das

Production Company: Green Gold Animations, Pvt. Ltd.

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Date of Release: 18th February 2015


Mighty Raju is an Indian animated fiction series of movies focused on kids that centers around the adventures of 4-year-old kid Raju in Aryanagar town.

The story of the film, Raju, is a savvy little fellow with good solid code and super-human quality. Accordingly, he is happy to hazard his own wellbeing while at the same time attempting to do great on the planet, all with no desire for remuneration. Raju got his superpowers because of a compound made by his researcher, father Swami. The compound, called Neutrino, was unintentionally devoured by Swami’s then-pregnant spouse Sandhya, who had confused it with a drink. This caused Raju to be brought into the world with super-human forces, which he should use to battle the evil Karati, his dad’s previous science accomplice.

Highlights film ‘Mighty Raju’:

The film is directed by Rajeev Chilaka, who has directed a fantastic animated series like ChhotaBheem. Top Reason to Watch the Movie is a Rajiv Chilaka directed the film. The director showed the incredible adventures of a 4-year-old boy named Raju as a superhero on screen. The king’s adventures were added to the stunning visual effects, and the movie was impressed with the expensive animation. The film portrays the character of a king as a child with superpowers of divine power. The scenes where the king fights the evil forces with his power and the comedy that the king’s friends do fascinate the children.

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Finally:  ‘Mighty Raju’ is one of the best animated adventurous movies that can entertain most kids.