Essential Choices for the Blix Group Now

Knowing how to choose a stockbroker is important to avoid unpleasant surprises with your money. Even so, many investors forget this stage and end up opening an account with the first brokerage that appears ahead, which in most cases is not the most suitable for the person’s profile.

The Blix Group works perfectly in this case. Here we will give you some tips based on our extensive research to develop our tool for comparing securities brokers:

Compare stock brokers

Currently, there are more than 80 stock brokers registered and what each of them offers to its clients varies a lot. From the Blix Group you can have the best choice now. To make it easier, we put together the 4 main points that you should evaluate before opening an account:

  • Price
  • Attendance
  • Tools
  • services


The amounts charged in fees vary widely. Some securities brokers even charge R $ 50.00 per executed order, while others charge less than R $ 2.00. However, remember that it is not just the brokerage fee that you should compare, there are several fees that will be charged to you.

Among the fees you should pay attention to are:

Brokerage Fee:

Depending on the brokerage firm, brokerage fees may vary depending on the type of market in which it is executed: cash, fractional, options or in the futures market. It is also common to have differences in the rates of day trade (buy and sell on the same day) and normal operations (buy and sell on different dates).

TIP: evaluate what type of asset you will trade and how often, so it will be easy to determine which brokerage firm offers the most attractive values ​​for your profile.

Monthly Custody Fee:

The custody fee refers to the service that the broker provides you with “guarding” your assets, so it is charged only when the investor has some position in variable income assets in that month.