Find the Best Deals with the marked cards

Marked cards, refers to the marked deck of playing cards here, including any kinds of marked poker cards. According to Wikipedia, card marking is the process of altering playing cards in a method only apparent to marker or conspirator, such as by bending or adding visible marks to a card. This is the process to make a deck of marked cards which may have been a secret but attractive thing to many people these years. There are some ideas and articles online about marking cards or marked cards, however there’s never a standard specification for them. Those who wish to know about the cards in detail, here is some relevant information about the poker cards here.

In recent poker cheating industry, marked poker cards are no longer a luxury any more since it is become more and more affordable and powerful with the rapid development of cards marking technology. Usually the so called code marked decks have special marks that people can see with naked eyes after training, however, those without training would know nothing regarding that kind of secret code marks. Three kinds of such code marked cards are there as per how the marked decks are marked.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

In recent days, invisible ink marked playing cards play a very important role, which takes gradually takes the places of those original marked decks. Usually the invisible contact lenses marked cards, the side invisible barcode marked cards and infrared invisible ink marked poker cards are included in the so called invisible ink marked cards, as they are all processed with the invisible luminous ink (different ink has different natures). Maybe some friends are confused about the difference between these 3 kinds of invisible ink marked cards, which results in the consequence that they don’t have enough information to decide the best choice. You can find some points as the supplement of luminous ink marked poker cards information over the internet for a reference.

From the very beginning of playing cards’ history, there are marked deck of cards existed. From the original marked decks for naked eyes to the invisible ink marked decks for special devices, the cards marking skills and technology has been developing all the time. For every stages, every kind of marked decks has its own advantages and disadvantages. For those who want to enjoy the poker games or magic shows with marked cards, there are always some can suit you very much.