Look for the best Solutions with Poker cheat contact lenses

Marking cards can be classified into various types, such as invisible ink marked deck, infrared marked deck and barcode marked deck. Normally, the popular one is the invisible ink of the marked deck. You can see the invisible ink marks with contact lenses and luminous sunglasses. And about the infrared marked deck, also called as IR marked deck, they are using with infrared poker camera (It can’t be detected by contact lenses and sunglasses). It is designed for long distance used. You can even monitor multiple poker tables at once with the 360-degree infrared dial-up card lens. As for the barcoded deck, the biggest advantage is it can tell you who the winners are in advance during their casino game,

Infrared contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses is used for luminous marked deck. So far, third generation contact lenses have been invented. With this type of deck marked with Poker cheat contact lenses, you can use it with a longer time and it will not change the color of your eyes after using it. With high quality made, they offer clear visibility as well as comfort experience.

Infrared lens device for spy camera

Infrared spy camera lens device is this newest technology, if you want to use this new poker cheating technology, the place you use to play poker games must be offered by you, because you need to install infrared spy camera lens in a high place in your game room, so that the spy camera lens can see the whole table, infrared spy camera lens used to see the back IR marked cards, if you own them, you can know each card in advance.

Chamber of the marked deck

For IR marked deck, you need to use with infrared camera. Infrared lens can be installed on many objects, such as the air conditioner, wall clock, smoke alarm, daylight lamp and so on. If there are multiple poker tables in your private room, the infrared camera zoom lens is the best choice for you. Because you can rotate 360 degrees and you can see the entire poker table in your poker club. For barcode marked decks, you need to use with barcode scanner. Barcode camera can be installed on smart phone, car key, cigarette lighter, chip tray and so on. Bar code marked deck reader is very convenient. Only 1 second, you can know the result of the game. And with such superiority, you can hardly miss it in your game. All these poker game accessories are professional and in high quality. All of them can be used in the poker game and magic show. And at least, you can protect yourself from being a cheater in the game of poker.