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Lobsters are likely to have a dominant claw, meaning they are both rightOnlineclawed or leftOnlineclawed, and their crusher claw may be on both sides. Juvenile lobsters start with two cutters, and one develops into a crusher over time because the lobster locates objects to choose from. To this point, we’ve been referring to the American lobster. Irrespective of which claw is dominant, the lobster isn’t all that hooked up to it. If a lobster loses a claw or leg, it can grow another when molting. You may look slightly differently at the subsequent lobster you see once you learn how they excrete their waste. A lobster pees from openings nephrophores situated at the base of its second antennae.

A lobster’s eyes at the base of its antennae detect soft shadows, however, not colors or images. Most of its seeing is done with its three pairs of antennae. The smaller of the two claws, the cutter or seizer, grabs onto meat and shreds it into smaller pieces so that the smallest antennae can carry it into the lobster’s mouth. Lobsters have two stomachs. Simply in case peeing from their faces is not unusual sufficient for you, lobsters have some other unique anatomical traits. Feminine lobsters seek out probably the most aggressive, dominant male in the world and present their curiosity by repeatedly peeing into his shelter. Male lobsters love to fight. Lobsters also excrete from different places on their bodies, together with their gills and digestive glands.

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