The Great Time with the Crypto World

This scares some investors away while attracting many others because a small investment in Bitcoin can prove to be incredibly valuable in ten years. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all, and when some say that after the huge rise and fall we can see that there is no future with the eyes of an investor, then the same people forget how much money you still had earned in 2019 if you had bought Bitcoin in 2016, as you can see in the graph below. The graph shows the development of Bitcoin since 2013. It is this graph that you cannot forget when you think about the future of investing in cryptocurrency.

Many believe that Bitcoin will rise massively again. If that happens, there will again be huge focus on cryptocurrencies. To invest in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, I would recommend you create an account on eToro.

What is the future of investing in cryptocurrency?

The truth is, it’s hard to say anything wise about where the future is heading. This does not only apply to cryptocurrency. But a very simple rule when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies is, do you think we have cryptocurrencies in the future? If so, which ones do you believe in? With Global CTB you can find the right step into the Crypto world.

Cryptocurrencies when the post was updated

Obviously, you do not choose to invest in cryptocurrencies if you do not believe in them. There are many indications that they will continue to be here, because Bitcoin has already survived several crises and it has been declared dead many times. Yet it is still here.

Some believe that this means that the technology behind Bitcoin has proven to be so powerful that it can withstand a number of crises. In the same way that you do not declare the US dollar dead, even though it has also experienced a number of crises. Another option is active bitcoin trading, where you take advantage of the fluctuating exchange rate to make money on an ongoing basis. We have written an article about this .